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WingFoX_oneWingFoX One is first Polish A-class catamaran.

Hulls are made of carbon-cevlar textiles and epoxy resin, which ensures high endurance and very low hygroscopicity. We build them in a high-pressure autoclave.

Beams are made of carbon-kevlar prepreg under high pressure and temperature. The front beam is heavy-duty and can support very large weights, as we proved at the WingFoX Cup 2009, when we hung a 1000kg Peugeot on it ( photos>>>    ).

The boats do not have a martingale. Deeply fastened beams guarantee the high stability of the platform. We produce them in polish steel moulds, so we don?t have to varnish them. Thanks to that technology, they are both aesthetically-pleasing and scratch-resistant.


Our centreboards and rudder blades are made of carbon-epoxy prepreg in aluminium moulds formed numerically (CNC). The high-pressure technology of production ensures their high durability, while the polished aluminium moulds ensure their perfect smoothness. Since we do not cover our centreboards and rudder blades with a gel coat or varnish, their sharply finished trailing edges are very tough and chip resistant. The hardening of these elements takes place in a high-pressure and high-temperature autoclave. For centerboard and rudder blade protection we use attractive covers.





The rudder cross-bar is equipped with a system of regulation which enables an easy and accurate adjustment of rudder blades convergence. Special articulated joints are used in rudder cross-bars which do not elongate under heavy loads.




The helm is equipped with sleeves which prevent slack formation. The sleeves are made from a special material which guarantees high deformation and abrasion resistance. Thanks to them, the rudders are stable and precise. A special system of rudder blade attachment ensures its constant pressure in all conditions. It also guarantees its ability to be released when confronted with an obstacle. The force at which it gets released can be regulated by tightening the screws on the slide. The helm enables rudder blade adjustment at different angles up to 200o.






Each WingFox is equipped with stern fenders made of tough weather-resistant foam. They protect hulls while being transported on slip trailers and they make ideal beds thanks to which the boat can be placed on any ground.






Our masts are made of carbon-epoxy prepreg in a high-pressure aluminium mould. All the ferrules are made of acid-resistant steel. Mast rigidity is adjusted individually to each competitor?s weight.






Trampolines are high-tensile and durable. At the front, there are two practical pockets.


We use only original anti-slip 3M tape.


All WingFoX ferrules are made of acid-resistant steel. Trampoline rigging below.






We use a special rail bender to achieve a precise radius of Harken high-beam tracks curvature.

Our booms are made of carbon-epoxy prepreg in a polished steel mould. Just as with the cross-beams and masts, they are made with the use of high-pressure and high-temperature technology. Their special construction, with local enhancement of the profile, makes them tough while still light.

The cross-beam and the tiller are made of anodised high-tech aluminum which ensures high endurance and elasticity at low weight. Bent even at an angle of 90 degrees, the label resiliently comes back to its original state.
We use Harken and Ronstan riggings.

Our mission

" .. Inspired by our passion and empowered by our achievement, we are here to share with you technology of the future .."

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