About the A-class

In 1956 the English "International Yacht Racing Union" called into being "And-Division-Catamaran-Class" as the free constructional class. It is one of the oldest classes of catamarans in the world. Its own uninterrupted development is due to a minimum of constructional limitations. Constructors are, in principle, limited only by several parameters, such as maximum length, width and the surface area of the sail. A-class catamarans cannot be lighter than 75 kgs and so weigh just that much. Ready to ship, the boat weighs a little over 75 kg which means that the competitor can really perform circus-style acrobatic tricks.

The A-class catamarans are one of most advanced technological units in the world.

Technical data:

length - 5,49 m

width - 2,30 m

weight - minimum 75,0 kg

surface of the sail - 13,94 m2


These boats are produced by various producers worldwide: in the USA, Australia and Europe. And nothing promotes product development as well as competition. Small class-limitations and strong construction development means that these boats are the quickest one-man catamarans in the world. Speeds reached on them often exceed 30 knots. Sailing them offers an unforgettable experience. Worldwide, there are 13 national associations. More information about this community can be found at:



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